KMC Silencer Model 22A

KMC Silencer Model 22A

All 7075 and 6061 aluminum makes this silencer (suppressor) light and rugged.  The hard-black anodizing is long-lasting and tough.  The silencer weighs in at 5.9 oz. including the 10-22 muzzle adaptor.  It is easy to move your silencer from different guns with the screw-on muzzle adaptors (sold separately) making this process quick and efficient.   The suppressor is easy to take apart and clean with the mono-core design.  It was designed and manufactured by a family-owned and operated Idaho small business.


Install the mono-core with the engraved arrow pointing in the direction of the projectile.  This silencer/suppressor is suitable for the following cartridges only: 22 S L L R 22WRF, 22Mag, 17 HMR 17 Mach2, 22 Hornet and is not rated for full-auto use.  KMC holds no responsibility for customers not using according to instructions.  Use sub-sonic ammunition for best results.

3/8-24---1/2-28 Barrel Adapter

3/8-24---1/2-28 Barrel Adapter

This changes your 3/8-24 threaded barrel to the standard 1/2-28 for easy mounting of a KMC suppressor. Made out of 7075 Aluminum and hard black anodized (not shown) for a light and tough adapter. No special tools needed. Use your own 7/16" end wrench.

S&W M&P 22 compact---MPadap($15.00)

Muzzle End Adapters

Muzzle End Adapters

Your choice of muzzle end adapters when you buy a KMC suppressor/Silencer. Choose from standard 1/2-28(supme28) to fit your threaded barrel, 3/4-16 adapter(supme16) to be used with barrel adapters for non-threaded barrels or a Colt M4(supme8mm).

These can also be ordered separately, allowing buyers to use one KMC suppressor on multiple guns.

  • 1/2-28---supme28($15.00)
  • 3/4-16---supme16($15.00)
  • Colt M4 ---22supme8mm($15.00)

Threaded Barrel Adapter

Threaded Barrel Adapter

This adapter slides onto the end of your non-threaded barrel making it easy to use a KMC suppressor on your gun without having to thread your barrel, and front sights can still be used.

  • Ruger 10-22/77-22---1022BA ($40)
  • Savage 17HMR---17HMRBA ($35)
  • Cricket/Chipmunk---CrickBA ($40)

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